Styling Your Jill Zarin Outdoor Rugs

I recently launched a beautiful line of Outdoor Rugs with a bunch of colorful, chic designs, perfect for any and every outdoor space! I took inspiration from some of my favorite places I have traveled to in the world. I styled a bunch of rugs and did photoshoots in my backyard at my home in Boca Raton. To shop all of my outdoor rugs, click here!

1. Poolside 

Anguilla rug, Ivory 

Napa rug, Teal

These rugs are perfect for lounging poolside. They don't get ruined if they get wet! You can lay on them directly to catch some rays or add some chairs to chill out in. These rugs are ideal for your relaxation area. White or minimalistic furniture atop this blue and white design would look so chic!

2. Lounging

Napa rug, Teal

Adding a pop of color to your outdoor space can completely transform it! Having this rug under my lounge chair has made this area feel more put together and cute. 

3. Entertaining

Dubai rug, Blue 

 This Dubai rug is one of our best sellers! It feels so cozy and fancy to have a rug underneath my outdoor dining and entertaining areas. The rug provides a more inviting environment to my guests and certainly upgrades the aesthetic. I chose white sleek outdoor furniture to pair with this rug to let the blue design do all the talking. I love it!

4. Cooking

Costa Rica rug, Rust

One of my favorite things about my outdoor space in my Boca home is my barbecue! I love grilling for small family dinners and big dinner parties. Under the grill is another great place for an outdoor rug! Any stains you get from cooking come out easily, and the rug will still look brand new. I also love being barefoot, so being able to grill and have something under my feet is very comfy. 

5. Decorating

American Stripes rug

If you're obsessed with design and aesthetics like me, simply utilizing these rugs to add the finishing touches to your outdoor aesthetic is ideal! There are colors and designs for any taste, to match any furniture or color scheme. Here I'm using the Americana Stripes rug as an accent to my beautiful white table and flowers.

6. Front Door Upgrade

Anguilla rug, Green

I want my family and guests to have a warm welcome into our home when they arrive. The bright, cozy look of one of our rugs in the front area of your home is the perfect way to beautify the exterior and welcome visitors!

I hope you enjoyed seeing the various ways I style my Outdoor Rugs! These designs are super versatile, and the quality is unbeatable (guaranteed stain-proof!). To see more photos of these designs in action, check out @jillzarinhome, and if you're interested in purchasing, click here to browse the collection!

Beautiful indoor rugs are also available on! Hope you enjoyed, and be sure to follow my socials to be notified of my next post. Also, if you have a Jill Zarin rug in your home, DM me your photos to @mrsjillzarin or @jillzarinhome, or use the hashtag #JillZarinRugs! Love ya!

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