Live Blog Episode 4 NOW!!!

If you are just reading this missed it! Or thought you did..because my West Coast fans reminded me they did not see it yet. For them..I will put it back till AM then GONE! I hope you enjoy!

You have ONE HOUR To read this! Then I hit erase!

If you want Gloria back next season...PLEASE EMAIL ANDY COHEN AT BRAVOTV.COM  He reads them all!

I wanted to offer our die hard fans some fun. I blogged all my random thoughts here LIVE during the live show 10-11PM and left it up until midnight ( just in case you wanted to read it AFTER the show finished). Some of my thoughts don't make sense, are mispelled and some are really mean but honest. I can't promise to do this next week. I will be visiting colleges with Ally somewhere in NY State and they may not have BRAVO on the TV. If they do though, I will be here blogging. Please let me know if you liked it.

I will be answering Bravo's questions tonight on and then I will write for my first ASK JILL column of the year. I will be most likely to answer your questions please write to me when it is live on

People have been so nice and asked me if Gloria will be back. You will have to watch and see what happens ,but,if you want Gloria back NEXT season...PLEASE EMAIL ANDY COHEN AT BRAVOTV.COM  He reads them all!

Check my EBAY store for more stuff from the show. The purple dress, the yellow pucci, white Donna Karen are all coming. We are having problems with EBAY limiting the amount of designers you can list in one month, so please bear with us and keep checking back. is on everynight from 8-9PM and needs your support. Lisa is amazing and you would all love her show so please listen and call in. Tell Andy you want more of LISA TOO! Oh..wait till you meet Aunt Cookie!!