Mother Hen – Jill Zarin talks about all her recent charity work!

I have to say every time I see a new episode I think it is the best so far. My favorite The Soup scene of the week was Simon saying, " I feel the heeeeeeaaaat!" I don't know why, but I pee in my pants laughing every time I see it. I love all the comments I get here and try to respond to the ones I get on on my blog. I will be writing for again soon for some behind the scenes and to answer specific questions to ASK JILL. I haven't been on lately. Please email Lisa and tell her you want me to call in and gossip! Her show is now on the radio 6 days a week. I am so proud of her. I was her first advertiser and will always be her biggest fan. I really want Lisa to run for public office one day. She is exactly what Washington needs. I want to be her campaign manager. Lets start a RUN FOR OFFICE LISA campaign! Season 3! I have been traveling the past 2 weeks for some appearances and am happy to be back home.
Bethenny called it perfectly - I am the "mother hen" of the group.

Bethenny called it perfectly - I am the "mother hen" of the group, particularly with Bethenny, but not exclusively. I am always disseminating information to everyone and try to help everyone with anything. It is just my nature. I am a caretaker just like my mother and Aunt Cookie. I learned from the best!

My position on boarding school is that it's a private family matter. I think it also has to do with a child's personal needs. For example, if your child has severe ADD or learning challenges, there is a wonderful boarding school in VT for that. If your son or daughter is an athlete in a specific field that your local school does not support or cannot challenge them enough, then boarding school can be an excellent option. I think Luann has the best interest of both her children and will always do what is in their best interest, not her own. I think it is selfish to say anything with the word "I" in it. It is not about the parent, it is about the child and what is best for them.
It is not about the parent, it is about the child and what is best for them.

Personally, Allyson never wanted to go to boarding school so we never looked. If she wanted to go, I would have at least considered it and looked with her. I thought the scene of Bethenny and me at exercise class was so real and so funny. No, I, along with millions of other women, do not love working out. I do love the results and therefore FORCE myself into the gym now at least 2 times a week. (I better go today!) I am working on my arms. I do have to say that when I saw my face while lying down, it looked like I had "work" done. The blood was rushing to my skin unevenly and looked weird. I will be the FIRST and maybe ONLY one to admit what I do, but I promise I did not have any face surgery (yet!). But I'm always considering doing something! I want to age gracefully, but if I can get some help? I'm in.

To be honest, I am not a "horse" person. Don't get me wrong, I love horses, but I was thrown off and injured as a child. I think it is dangerous and would not want Ally to ride regularly. Watching Kelly get thrown brought back very bad memories. I usually only go to the closing day ceremonies and watch the best competitors on the last day under the big tent.

First Bethenny doesn't need " luck" and she certainly doesn't need help from me fixing her up. She gets approached all the time.I think Bethenny needs to focus on her professional life and the rest will come for her when she is ready.
I think Bethenny needs to focus on her professional life and the rest will come for her when she is ready.

Allyson has a form of arthritis called Spondyloarthrothopy. My friend Christina has a charity called that we used to help another charity run by Seth Ginsberg called If you go to their website, you will see information on every type. Ironically, Ramona's daughter seems to have a form of arthritis too. That is why it was so surprising to me that she originally didn't want to help me with my charity. Instead, she wanted to us to help her raise money for the Peconic Trust. The Peconic Trust is set up to preserve land in the Hamptons. Some think it is to stop over building, which I agree, but some people feel it is the rich being self-serving and preventing the middle class from moving into neighborhood. In any case, after I heard Ramona share Avery's pain with us, it motivated me more that we chose the right charity. In fact, I have connected Ramona with all my contacts to help her.

Ally has been working very hard recently with many organizations including Creak Joints. She is most passionate right now about Teens Turning Green. She is the head of the NY chapter in her school. There is a Project Green Prom contest that they are working on now, where teens can can enter and win a GREEN prom! Go to for more information!

Additionally, Ally has contributed her personal struggle with arthritis to a new book called Juvenile Arthritis: The Ultimate Teen Guide which will be on book stands soon. Ally is also very passionate about photography and to see all of her work, which is updated regularly, go to

Lastly, please ask Bobby to be "friends" on Facebook. He secretly likes it and I want to flood him with requests this week. Will you help? A fan was nice enough to even set up a We Love Bobby fanclub.

I will continue to update my website with new photos, press and blogs. I am also selling some personal items on eBay with some of the proceeds going to charity as well.