Welcome to my UK and Irish fans!

Hi everyone! I just noticed that I have unusual activity from the UK this week. I think it is because the show is airing there. As you probably know, we are very close to Robbie Williams and his beautiful wife Ayda and we love going there to visit as often as possible. We are trying to plan a visit during the Olympics next summer if Robbie sings during ceremonies. ( I have NO idea if he is..sorry!) We were just there in July and saw 2 concerts at Wembley Stadium. We stayed at Coworth Park with the band. It is a BEAUTIFUL part of the countryside. It is owned by the Dorchester group and has a brand new state of the art SPA in addition to the POLO fields. We went riding in the countryside. Words can't describe the color of the flowers, the smell of the grass and the color of the sky. I will say though..for americans it is VERY expensive. We visited Windsor Castle and bought some cute souvenirs of the newlyweds for fun. So I just wanted to welcome my UK fans and let you know how much I appreciate the love and PLEASE..don't take the show so seriously. It is edited to be as dramatic as possible....but my life is much calmer now. Bobby and I are sitting in bed in Montreal enjoying the city and each other. Sign up for my newsletter if you want a weekly JZ update from me on my life and I love to post recipes from you and share any interesting places to visit that you guys tell me. Once again..WELCOME!!! XOXO Jill