Does anyone remember the day of " Dear Diary" ? So here we go...

Dear Diary,

It has been a while since I last wrote. It has been a very busy few weeks. I had an appearance at the JCC in Palm Beach Gardens last Thursday night. Since Ally had finished her midterms, Bobby and I took her with us. We always like to "kill 2 birds with one stone" and planned a visit with my parents too. I gouge myself on chocolate "non-fat" frozen yogurt at the country club. That is how I gained 6 pounds last trip. I am scared to get on the scale today. I will tomorrow.

The weather was warm but not crazy hot yet. I have ot say the shopping at PGA gardens is unbelieveable. Strip center heaven with the holiday lights still up. I wish I could have shopped all night. About 300 women came to meet me. I spoke for 2 hours and answered every audience question. Everyone went home with a postcard for our new book and did a meet and greet at the end. Gloria was the hit of the night but of course everyone got to meet Allyson and Bobby too. I felt very "at home" and am planning to do a lot of JCC appearances this year. If you would like me to come to your local JCC or other venue, please contact me. I sat at the pool all day Friday with an old friend and did one of those "catch up" things. I really miss her and need to do these more often.

We took the 6AM flight to Park City Saturday morning. We hired a driver named Robert but since his wife was in labor he hooked us up with a string of amazing drivers. Having a good driver in a city you have never been too gives you alot of security. We stayed at a relatively new hotel. The Waldorf. it was about 10 minutes away from downtown Park city. The Golden Door Spa is attached and we had a pamper package so each of us had one 50 min treatment. I got a facial. She was good...not the best. The best I have had recently was at the Wynn Encore. The only british woman there, so ask for her if you are going. My step son ran into Jon Gosselin at the Spa there. Isn't that funny? We went to at least 10 gifting suites. A gifting suite is put together by a group of companies wanting to "gift" their product to Press and celebrities. They are alot of fun. Imagine going into a store and them saying to you take anything you want. Pretty cool right? My favorite was a ring by "Rebecca", Emu's , and a ConAir plastic pocketbook I can use at the beach. Honestly though, I haven't finished unpacking and got so much great stuff.

I was at the festival for an appearance with the Creative Coalition to promote fighting Obesity for young people and how Hollywood can help. Ricki Lake, Tom Arnold, Rachel Hunter and I were there to bring attention to the event. I was just a guest but next time I want to be on the panel. I had alot to say but didn't have enough time to get it out. Before we left town, we went to the Twitter event, HRC event for a new documentary, TAO to party and a concert with Robin Thicke.

We took the red eye last night so Ally could get to school on time. I am proud to say she made it. Now she is exhausted and yelling at me so I gotta go!

I missed you diary!