Jill Zarin Weighs In On the Possibility of ‘Real Housewives of Park City’

Fur coats, ski-slopes and chateaus, oh my! After spending the weekend in Park City for Sundance, we couldn’t help but fantasize about how fun it would be to watch a new reality show set in this uber-swanky ski resort town. But Real Housewives of New York City star Jill Zarin shot down our dreams right quick, saying that a Real show set in the Utah city wouldn’t fly with audiences. “I think it’s too small of a market,” Jill, 46, told us Jan. 24 when we ran into her at the Sundance Film Festival, where she is to be honored at the Creative Coalition’s Jan. 25 luncheon. “I’m not sure who lives here.” Touche! But then again, we didn’t know who Jill was before the show made her famous, either. “There’s another group of girls that are doing some show set in Aspen,” the opinionated (and oh-so-entertaining) reality star explained. “I’m not sure how well it’s doing. I don’t think viewers want to watch about another ski area.” We suppose she has a point. The women in Park City have to stay so covered up to survive the bitter biting cold, that viewers would never get to see their “bubbies” (as New Jersey Housewife, Teresa, so aptly deemed them). Bottom line: sex sells. Ski suits? Not so much. Source