Record Ratings!

Thanks to all of you..we had over 2 million viewers at 11PM at night! The best rating we have ever had. I love all the postings you all take time to write. Of course the season is full of drama. If I was just sitting in the corner doing needlepoint no one would watch so they edit the show AND some of the castmates are drama queens. B thinks she is above it all now and is so over the housewives show. She never liked ANY of the girls ( and obviously never liked me either) . I wish her bon voyage and welcome the 2 new HOT housewives you will meet later this season. I just saw episode 2 and all I will say is it is my turn to take a dive this season. OYE. But don't worry...I always do the right thing and hope the editors are fair to me. Have a great weekend and see you next week!