Blog # 1 Season 3 on plus a few extra words..shhhhh

Drama drama drama! or should I say "ratings, ratings, ratings?"

So much has happened since the reunion which you will all see soon enough.

I know what's on everyone's mind. I thought Bethenny and I had a real friendship even though we connected through the show. I admit my radar is not always good but after talking 10 times a day about her, her career, and her relationships, I thought our friendship was real. When Bobby was diagnosed with cancer, I thought my world would end. My friends called and came over everyday to see how he was. The one person I thought would be there for us no matter what was Bethenny. By the time we started filming, three months had passed and we had hardly spoken. There are a ton of things that happened between us but it all seems so petty now. Bobby's mother, Miriam Zarin, passed away last week. We were surrounded by our friends and family and I feel so blessed. Life is so short.

This season was so real to me, and the reason I keep coming back for more toxicity is because of you. Many of you have inspired me, reached out to me and have made my family feel very special. For that I will be eternally grateful for. Will I cringe watching the show? Of course
I will. Will I want to put words back in my mouth? Who wouldn't (or lies if they say they never would). But I am human and not perfect. I strive to be a better person and learn from my friends and sometimes my foes (a Kelly word!). Please don't be harsh on any of us. He who
throws stones....

I made some new friends this season and had a lot of fun doing lots of things that you will see during the season. I can't wait for you to meet the new housewives in future episodes. I update my blog and Web site almost daily at,and have a fan Facebook page and Twitter @jillzarin. This is a reality show meant to engage and entertain you. But please, DON'T take it too seriously and just enjoy the show. Oh, and don't forget to give your loved ones a big hug and kiss!


The extra words...I am beyond thrilled there are 2 new housewives this season. Jen GIlbert, owner of Save the Date, a party planning company and Sonja Morgan, a fabulous socialite. Each has their become the next best housewife and I am excited to have them on board. With B leaving, we (You AND I) need time to get to know these ladies so we are ready for Season 4 out of the gate without having to get up to speed with new ladies. We all have something or someone in common and it really works. Thank you Bravo! only see 44 minutes a week of our lives. You can imagine the book I can write and what didn't make it to the final cut. Don't take anything too one died! When the cameras are rolling some, more than others, get what is called "camera balls" and really go nuts for the TV. Others are just desperate not to get thrown off the show for being boring or worse, not fitting into the group. I just try to be myself..good and bad. Keep checking back at and for appearances, book signings and new blogs!