My sister..Lisa Wexler She's Coming Through Loud And Clear Talk show host attorney wins listeners with no-holds-barred style

I am so proud of Lisa and you will be too! The Connecticut Law Tribute published the most flattering UNSOLICITED article about my  sister Lisa. All of it true. I know you have only seen a little Lisa the past 2 seasons and hope she makes time to be on the show more this year. She was busy building her own career as CT newest radio talk show host last year and barely had time for her own family. This year, Lisa, Gloria and I have spend the summer writing our book..Secrets of a Jewish Mother due Mother's Day 2010. ( Note: the month Ally graduates High School? I will be so busy...and when Ally leaves next August for college....I might need a sanitarium by then..could be great story line for Season 4? ) Below is the content of the article. Feel free to go to and tell her what you think. If you are doing something interesting and want to be a GUEST on her her too!