Is the summer almost over? is raining outside and for the first time in probably 10 years we are home in the city. For many reasons. One major reason is Allyson is home studying for her ACT on  sept 12 and I don't want to leave her. Also..My new stylists L and L are helping me do what I have never done. Empty out and redo all my clothing closets. We are into this project 6 days already. I do see the light but still need a few more days. It feels so good to only see what you wear and not all the stuff you bought that either A. doesn't fit or B. Is outdated C. Needs repair D. need to be cleaned. SO maybe I have inspired you. Take the last week of summer and do you fall cleaning. The fun comes after when I get to fill in the " holes" in my wardrobe and go shopping. bodysuits are worn out and pilling. Need new ones. Wolford had the best ones. Expensive but the best. ( unless anyone can recommend another kind cheaper? ) Last..we are working on Chapter 6 of the book. I have to be on computer all weekend as Lisa and I exchange emails all day and night wiritng. We did not hire a ghost writer..we are actually writing this oursleves on top of everything else we do. Lisa is on . She has a 6 day a week radio show you can hear live in CT or download to itunes or just listen in internet. She has amazing guests.

Next week we are going to Hamptons for a long weekend. Boating, BBQ, tennis and relaxing I hope. Have a great week! XOXO