Met Jill and Ally Zarin about Teens For Green. Then I find out Jill is a Real Housewife from NY. I say, yeah my wife is too ;-)

I really really really did not know about this show called Real Housewives of NY. I knew there was the Housewives of Orange County but did not know!! Then I go to Eco Luxe a few months back hosted by the Go Green Expo. Bradford Rand was getting Jill's picture taken and I said, "Who is she?" He goes she is a real housewife from NYC. I said, yeah my wife is a real housewife from Westchester County, what the heck are you talking about?! Brad then adds that there is a tv show called Real Housewives of NYC and Jill is a person on the show. OH!! Great. What does that have to do with green?? So then I spoke with her further her and Ally to really get it. Jill clearly admitted that because of Ally she has gone green. Ally is Co-President of Teens Turning Green and also promotes the 10 Easiest Ways To Go Green on Bravo. NOW WE ARE TALKING!! Forget that the Green Living Guy likes going green. To have teenagers going green themselves and making an effort of it rocks!! Don't forget that..Then she cares to go public about recognizing her makeup needs work. Check this out. Ally is also busy raising money for the environment and even went to Albany to fight for greener food packaging which I support too!! So NOW WE ARE TALKING!! According to Jill Zarin's site: Jill Zarin of the Bravo network’s “The Real Housewives of New York City,” along with her daughter Allyson Shapiro and two other New York high school girls, is advocating for a bill (S.747-a/A.706-a) that would enact the Food Service Waste Reduction Act. “The bill is really great because one cup of [plastic foam] takes 500 years to biodegrade and 25 million cups are thrown away a year by Americans. The more we can do [to prevent plastic foam waste] will make so much of an impact for us,” said Shapiro, a junior at the Birch Wathen Lenox School. Zarin and the girls met with Sens. Craig Johnson, D-Port Washington, and Thomas Duane, D-Manhattan, visiting as representatives from the teen advisory board for Teens Turning Green, a national organization that investigates toxic exposures in schools and communities and advocates for change in policy practices. Now that is what all people should be doing. Encouraging our kids to be greener and stepping up by meeting with legislators and being an example. She even was on LX TV for the Green Holiday Gift Guide. Check this out. Really really inexpensive, organic, fun green stuff!! Always always good. Like The Green But Not The Show. I'm a Guy and not into watching women go at it like that! Now, if the tv show can be as cool, green and more enjoyable I would watch it. Until then, I'll just be glad someone did something good. However, don't just do it for gain. Do it because it's the right thing to do. Green is good not blah blah blah in your face train wreck kinda stuff. I mean I would try to watch those housewife shows with my wife Jessica and the in-fighting is funny and sad at the same time. Not something I can watch on a regular basis. Too much negativity for me. Sorry, that's just the way I am wired. Anyway, more to come hopefully from Ally and those housewives on going green. I mean I see this stuff on Bravo is just a once a year thing. You need more content on green. A week of it is just duh and not cool. No real involvement just duh. Those positive green things to do should be more regularly involved with those ticker news signs below. You know, help people out more regularly Mr and Mrs media and they will help you. Hopefully there will be more to do with Ally since she is working on going to colleges really bewilders me. If this is part of her green mission, don't just do the tv spots for the best 10 things. No, be involved in your organization Ally Teens Turning Green. Make a statement and be focused on the green mission with words and passion. It would make me realize this is the real deal for the future and not just a quick thing. We'll stay tuned. From Green Living Guy