NY “Housewife” Jill Zarin To Obama Crashers: “You’ll Be The Next Great Reality Stars!”

When we ran into Real Housewives of NYC star Jill Zarin, she wasn’t exactly on the trash-the-Obama-crashers bandwagon. In fact, said Jill of Michaele Salahi and her hubby, Taleq, “They are going to be great reality stars!” In case you missed it, the Salahis successfully weaseled their way past Secret Service and into President Obama’s first state dinner on Nov. 24, even shaking hands and taking a pic with the Commander-in-Chief! As the world now knows, Michaele is totally determined to make it on the small screen. On the same day as the dinner, the self-appointed “model” was shooting with a production team as a candidate for Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Washington D.C. After her state dinner stunt, she ought to be a shoo-in! Shameless is one word that comes to mind! Zarin agrees with us, but ridicules politicians’ attempts to haul the Salahis in for questioning. She points out if anyone makes them testify in a public session, the crashers will spill their secrets on how to sneak into a state dinner! We’re no experts on matters like these, but that sounds like a terrible plan to us! What do you think should happen to Michaele and her hubby? Would you watch their fame-seeking antics every week? From Hollywood Life