Making Summer Memories

I can't believe how time flies! Last I wrote, Ally had just come home from India and now I feel like the summer is almost over. We have tried to spend as much time as possible in the Hamptons. It took me a while to decompress from the final episode of Real Housewives. I started doing Pilates again. I got lucky. The owner of a local pilates studio called me before I moved out here to see if I wanted to take classes. She got my number from someone I used to workout with. Smart women. I saved her message and when I moved out here I called her back. I liked that she reached out to me and thought I would try one session. We connected immediately and she really payed attention and cared. She let me play my own Ipod music. She loved it so much she asked me to put it on her ipod too! I think working out to good music really helps push you the extra mile. If you want, I can publish a good play list on the next blog! She got me motivated and I have been going 3 times a week. I have not cancelled one time (yet!) which is a big accomplishment for me. I have come up with the craziest excuses in the past. It changed my body immediately. I did pilates for 2 years and then stopped for 3. Muscle memory. It is true. It came back fast. I wake up early, walk outside in my bathrobe to get the newspapers and set up yogurt, fruit and cereal on the counter for everyone to eat when they get up. This past weekend Lisa (my sister) came to visit. We walked to the Ocean (about 1/4 mile) and walked on the beach together for over an hour. We caught up and shared our fears and hopes with each other. We found the most beautiful rocks on the beach and picked out two. When I got back to the house I wrote Summer 2010 on each one to save. I hope to make this a tradition and one day give them to our girls to carry on the tradition. After we came home we walked next door to the farm to pick up fresh breads and more fruit and vegetables. On the way there we saw cows, horses, chickens and pigs. I drive down this street 10 times a day but never appreciate the beauty in nature unless I walk through it. I told Bobby I want to take the same walk with him tomorrow if it's nice out. Bobby loves to walk and really loves the beach. Bobby also loves to swim and can stay in the water for hours. I rarely do. But this past weekend was so hot and perfect that I jumped in. (Of course I heated it up to 90 first!) We had a houseful of children and it was so much fun playing with them. Socially, we have gone to some fun parties and benefits, but my favorite evenings are with friends at home. Last weekend Indrani from Double Exposure was our houseguest. It is so much fun being a tour guide. I showed her everything and we really got to know each other. The most special part of the weekend was when she offered to sit with Ally and look through her photos from India and share some techniques. It just takes one person to inspire you or give you the confidence you need to be successful. Indrani offered to mentor Ally and that meant more to me than she will ever know. It is almost time for the new episode of RHNJ, so I gotta run. Please share some of your stories! I read them all. Love, Jill xoxo