Real Housewives Of D.C. Blog

Will we find a housewife to fall in love with on this show? After three episodes I'm still not sure.

So far Micheale is one of my front runners. Although she seems a little ditsy at times, I love watching how much in love her and husband Tareq seem to be. Last week when he was buying her birthday presents; it reminded me of Bobby when he spoils me. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG with a man spoiling his love! I think she is very pretty and I like her voice. It has a throaty sexy tone. I do agree she is very skinny, (as Lynda constantly reminds us!) but I'm not sure it's as much of a problem as Lynda is making it out to be. She could have been born with a fast metabolism or have a stomach issue. I'd rather be a little "full" than too thin..but that is just me. It might be as hard for her to put on weight as it is for me to take off. If Lynda was really concerned about Michaele's health she'd recommend a nutritionist instead of a cheeseburger. I think Micheale is lovely. She has a warm smile. Is it genuine? Only time will tell.

After tonight's episode I still think Lynda seems surly and a little mean towards Michaele. I would like to note, no judgment passed on Lynda just yet. I know personally that a lot can be done within editing. I do think Lynda feels empowered to bash the Salahi's in her interviews, since the public and press hate them. I personally have not yet seen anything to dislike them for, but it's early. I do think that there could be a lot more to the back story between Lynda and Michaele than is being shown and I hope we get a little more insight on that. Why would Lynda say that Michaele seems so stressed and needs to leave her husband? That not what we're seeing. What does Lynda know that we don't? On a funny note, Lynda's eyebrows remind me of Danielle's! One thing that I definitely do like about Lynda is her boyfriend, Ebong. He's an extremely handsome and smart man.

It's the third episode and I still feel that I don't know much about Mary. I was shocked to learn she has five kids! Her husband is very attractive and funny. She seems likable and I'm sure she's glad to have Lolly back home with her. Hopefully I'll have more to say about Mary soon!

Cat. She sure has come out with a bang hasn't she? Being new to the Washington scene, she's obviously trying too hard. She is not editing herself at all. Last week when she went to Stacey's Sunday dinner party at Aunt Francis's house, she showed no appreciation at all for that incredible meal Aunt Francis cooked. She should not have left without showing her appreciation. Perhaps she had none? I don't buy the excuse people are using that she's British and they're misunderstood. Manners are manners! Tonight she stated that her husband was out "swanning around" whilst she was taking care of kids, dogs and only getting six hours of sleep a night. With comments like that I'm not surprised divorce rumors are everywhere. Her husband has a very prestigious and demanding job and she needs to respect that. I would never disrespect Bobby's work schedule. I appreciate how hard he works and I support him any way I can.

In Cat's defense, I couldn't believe that Erica took on the role of Kim G. tonight by sticking her nose into a conversation that it didn't belong in, with the obvious intent to start a fight. Cat did seem genuinely upset and she really didn't do anything to deserve the comment. Especially when it was actually Lynda who made the original comment. I was glad Paul was there to diffuse the situation.

By the way, who is this Paul Wharton? He seems like a nice enough guy and I guess he's a stylist. But why do they all throw him big birthday parties? Does anyone know this guy's story?

I think I like Stacey. She seems very smart, well spoken, and is a  loving mother. She also seems to be very into politics. I'm certainly not surprised by this as she does live in D.C. and obviously politics are everywhere. I am curious how well this fits into "Real Housewives."  When you watch a "Real Housewives" episode do you want to see political debate or not? I, in true political fashion, am still undecided. Let me know what you think.

Stacey has a lot of depth and I am glad she is letting us in on her journey of finding her birth parents. This is at the moment the most interesting and personal story on the show. I get the feeling that this is going to be very emotional to watch.

I am going to end this by stating that I am giving all the girls a clean slate as I have never met any one of them. I am not going to make conclusions about the White House scandal until it comes up on the show. I want to be fair to all of them and to all of you by judging what I see when see it. I am only commenting on what we see together on the TV screen, but I know from personal experience that is not always the truth. Often times there just isn't enough time to show everything, but had we seen it, we would come to a very different conclusion.

Only time will tell which D.C. Housewife will break out of this pack and be our favorite. It will be fun to watch.