Kid Friendly Decorating Ideas

Struggling to find decorating techniques to fit both you and your little ones? If you’re a parent wanting to spice up your home atmosphere with unique decor while still keeping in touch with your maternal instincts, check out some of these kid-friendly decorating tips.

Framed artwork. If you have kids in your household, it’s probable you’ve got countless arts & crafts projects stored away somewhere. To make use of some your little Van Gogh’s work, try enlarging, and framing your favorite pieces for a more polished look.

Soft Seating. Soft, versatile seating is a must when having children around. Consider floor cushions, beanbags, and ottomans that are lightweight and easy to move. More importantly, no sharp edges! This versatile seating works out great for playdates, freeing up space.  

Cube Bookshelf. Space is always a struggle with a growing family. To best optimize your space, consider the versatility of a cube bookshelf with stylish basket inserts that serves to store toys, books, and the top surface could be used for adult decor!

Personalized pillows. Make your child feel special with a personalized pillow including their name, a design and a special color! Whether it be used in the living room or in the bedroom, kids will love the idea of cozying up with a pillow that was made just for them!

Stylish rugs. Aside from floor cushions, another great way to create a cozy space in your home is to have a designated rug. Great for movie nights, board games, or just lounging around, rugs can be the perfect addition to your living room to create a comfort zone for the family. Whether you already have carpet or hardwood floors, adding multiple rugs creates style, statement and a splash of color. Find the rug that is a perfect fit for you and your family at

Durable, Stain-Resistant Rug. Your living spaces are a second playground when you have kids. Often living and family rooms become the go-to for craft time, snack time and movie time, inviting messy accidents to happen. Having durable, easy to clean, stain blocking rugs is essential to your kid-friendly interior decor. Tip: Stick to rugs with patterns or prints. Jill Zarin’s rugs are truly practical because they’re made from hydrophobic fibers which are incredibly stain resistant and won't retain odors-great for when kids have accidents.

An extra tip from Jill, be sure to use padding and even a little velcro to keep rugs in place!

Touch Lamp. Easy for small hands that struggle with switches, this easy to use lamp turns on and off with the touch of a finger. This creates less chance of breakage or crooked shades.

Wall Transfers. It's a well-known fact that as kids grow, they rapidly change interests. As a parent, you may experience having to constantly change themes of toys, clothes, and decor. However, focusing on less permanent decor, will cost you less to renovate when your little one switches their obsession from unicorns to fairies. Consider wall transfers, easy to use and harmless to your walls. These painless decorations change as often as your kids' interests do, without the hassle of having to transform their room multiple times. Choose between life-size safari animals or the entire solar system. The possibilities are endless, and the best part is, they aren’t permanent.

Chalkboard. Kids have a knack for creativity and letting their imaginations soar to new heights, so why limit them? Parents, we understand you want to keep your living quarters as organized as possible but feel conflicted when wanting your kids to have fun, while still limiting the chaos that comes with it. To keep your house in order, have a designated creativity station such as a chalkboard in their room. Kids can now create endless designs with an array of colors, without the mess. At the end of the day, they can easily erase their artwork to begin a new one or keep it for however long they want.

Glow in the dark. Having trouble getting your little one excited about bedtime, or even getting them into bed in the first place? Glow in the dark paint/stick ons are a great strategy to get kids excited to turn off the lights and nestle into bed, making their night-time routine, that much easier for both of you.

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