Almost Showtime!!

We are all getting ready for a great show tonight (The Real Housewives of New York City on Bravo TV) and a LIVE StarChat, through StarCAM® I am very excited about this new venture with StarCAM®. By providing me the ability to personally reach out to my fan base, StarCAM® allows me to control my personal information. This is my answer to trying to keep up with all the emails and comments on FACEBOOK, Twitter and My SPACE. I will still be reading the blogs and posted comments, as always. However, I can GUARANTEE that I will respond to an email personally on StarCAM® and offer video/audio chats. As an introduction…they are giving all my fans 100 FREE credits so you can try it out. I hope you find this a win win situation. . Celebrities are compensated minimally for their time, while their fans get personalized access like never before! I hope you think my time is worth a few dollars and support many charities. Certainly cheaper than buying a guide or advice book! So come Join the fun and chat for charity – Tonight, Tuesday, April 14th at 10PM EST. Love, Jill