Welcome back! The day after the storm..

So sorry the site crashed! So many people came on it overloaded the server. WOW! I need to upgrade this asap. I hope we can before Tuesday night's episode. Sooo...what a night. Thank you all for the comments. Keep them coming.

Do I need to rehash all the details now? That would mean I have to re watch it which I don't want to do. I saw it twice. That was enough. I can share with you my feelings.

I have finally received only the nicest emails and facebook comments all night long. ( well not all, but enough to make me feel better!)
Alex.. what can I say. Again..we were never and are not "friends". I am very clear in the friendship chapter of my book ( Secrets of a Jewish Mother) what it takes to be a friend etc. We wrote it when all this was going on last fall. It saved my life. My mother was trying to teach me ( again!) the lessons of friendship. Relationships are the hardest thing we ALL have to work through ( spouses, children, co-workers, friends) and it takes work. I think that is what people were so invested in this season. Many of you reading this have told me you had an experience similar to this) . People were curious to see what would happen and also compare our relationships to their own. The premise of REALITY TV is "Better you than me!" or " I wish I were ..."
There are still things I wish I could have said and things that were cut out. For example...Alex had NO PROBLEM asking Bobby and I to give her $2000 worth of fabric for FREE for her fashion show. Why did Bravo cut that out?? Because it would make me look good? Because it would show that I was trying to be her friend and the audience would see through her plan? Alex's plan was to make noise to stay on the show. Jen Gilbert was cast to be a potential replacement. I didn't do it. Bravo did. In fact I spoke to Silex about it..about how they should do something. Well, I guess this was what they figured out to stay on the show. I only wish them well but I don't see us ever being friends again. They went below the belt and did things off the show that are unforgivable including accusing fans of being me on Amazon reviews. It is disgusting. J Samples is NOT ME. Never was and never will be. I hope people who read the book write reviews on AMAZON or wherever they purchased it and write a fair review and not be intimidated by people. People used Amazon as a blog for the show. I feel terrible that my sister and mother worked so hard on this book with me and are being hurt by all this.

Tuesday night is the next installment in the reunion "series". Crazy right? Well...it is going to get very emotional again.

I feel pretty good about last night. Not everything I said made it in ..but I think the points are in there. Bobby and Allyson were in and out of the set all day and at one point Allyson came up from behind me after I was crying to hug me. I think Ally has learned a lot about friendship from this experience.

Clearly my radar was OFF. I really thought B and I were friends. I think I was the last to know that we never were. A real friend, not matter what, would have let it go and made up. B never wanted to make up. It was all for a TV SHOW and that's what I was saying last night. I wanted to talk off camera at Ramona's house. She wouldn't. It made me crazy in that moment so no, I was not ready. She said on Andy Cohen's show that I never asked her because she didn't know that it was filmed and they were ready to show the footage last night. When she found out, she admitted it. Then changed the subject. I could go on and on, tit for tat, but it is over. Maybe one day we will be able to talk again when the camera's are all gone. Who knows.

What I do know is that I loved being on the show. I made lifetime relationships ( I hope!) and yes, I would do it over again for that reason. However, I can't say what I want to do right now. I have mixed feelings. I think the universe will present something or someone who will help us make the decision when the time comes.
This summer I am working on my bedding line for ZARIN and it will be out this October in a national retailer. We will continue to travel for book signings around the country. Please sign up for my newsletter if you want to stay in touch. My sister's radio show www.lisawexler.com is on daily 4-6PM and you can hear it online. I come on often and would love for you to call in!

Have a great weekend!!
Love, jill