Weekend Update

Hope everyone had a great weekend. We were in the Hamptons. Sadly I hurt my lower calf and can't walk, but I will survive! Brad and a few of his friends came over Thursday night. I know alot of you have been asking about him. He says "HI!" and we got to watch some of the reunion together. He feels terrible that he wasn't there to protect me! He looks amazing and is working all over the place. Today was my Dad's Birthday and my sister's surprise BDAY party. She was totally shocked and I will post photos tomorrow. The most common question this weekend was...WHAT WAS WEARING AT THE REUNION? My answer on facebook: Thank you everyone who asked about the bracelets that I wore on the reunion show! Glad to hear you liked them! The big yellow cuff is Rodrigo Otazu- this one was also featured on Carrie in Sex And The City 2 (you can find his collections at henri bendels and fragments). One sworovski gold bangle from india (sorry you can’t get in USA). The 4 emerald/gold bangles are Roberta Chiarella. The Earrings are from Rodrigo Ortega. The shoes were Christian Louboutin emerald green suede pumps. NO..it was NOT a price tag on the sole of my show. The red paint wore off quickly. I need to put red rubber soles on them this week! Have a great night! Love Jill