“To err human, to forgive divine”

Upon watching part 2 of the reunion this evening this saying is what popped into my head. So I ask you, where is the divinity amongst some of my castmates?

Self reflection and growth is always important. I am proud of how I came full circle this season. I realized the things I could have done better and attempted to correct them or sincerely apologize for them where I could. But I ask you, where is the forgiveness? At what point are enough apologies enough? What else can a person do to right a wrong? Why are some people’s apologies fully accepted immediately, yet mine seem to be falling on deaf ears? I feel like the first two parts of this reunion all that you’ve heard me say is “I’m sorry”. While I certainly am sorry about many things, what did I do that was so gregious that these women just do not have in their hearts to forgive? Or at the very least put aside and move forward? Does it seem to you that there is more here than meets the eye?

I have received so many letters from all of you that virtually beg me to stop apologizing. Well thank you for opening my eyes. I have apologized enough. I am going to be divine and forgive them for having such closed hearts.

I have so much in my life to be thankful for and that is my focus. This experience has enlightened me and energized me. I could not have gotten through this season without all of your wonderful support. Thank you for taking me into your hearts.

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I Love you all!