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This book touched my heart like few other books have., April 21, 2010
By Kathleen Pulcastro - See all my reviews

This review is from: Secrets of a Jewish Mother: Real Advice, Real Stories, Real Love (Hardcover)
This book touched my heart like few other books I have ever read. I could hear my mother's voice in some of the lines in many of the Chapters. (We aren't Jewish)LOL. This was a comfort to me since my own Mother had a stroke a few years ago and lost a lot of the ability to speak. It made me smile reading the book. This is a book I will keep on my book shelf to pass along to my girls! These ladies do a wonderful job of sharing their wisdom in a way only a Mother could do.

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I really enjoyed this book!!! March 28, 2010
By MK433 from Connecticut (read all my reviews)

Favorable: Uplifting, Informative

"I truly enjoyed 'Secrets of a Jewish Mother' and can't stop recommending it to my married and single friends. The personal stories shared by Lisa Wexler, Jill Zarin and their mother, Gloria Kamen, made me laugh and cry. Gloria Kamen is a no-nonsense woman who tells it like it is and speaks with conviction. The book is not a "Jewish mothers are perfect" type of book, the women share the errors they have made and how they've grown as a result. The book offers great advice on careers, finances, beauty, relationships and how to maneuver through difficult family and business situations. It is not a book for Jewish women only; it has something for women of all ages, denominations and races!"

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Fantastic and easy read! Everyone is sure to learn something!
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Posted April 18, 2010, 4:20 PM EST: A really great book! I couldn't put it down. Organized in a way that gives the reader time to reflect on how they approach their own situations in life. 3 very wise women. I am noticing that there seem to be a lot of reviews that don't really review the book, but review one of the authors behavior on a reality show. Don't be mistaken, the book is Fantastic!!

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Real (good) advice from Real women, April 20, 2010
By MiLNEMGaL "milnemgal" (Scottsdale, AZ) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Secrets of a Jewish Mother: Real Advice, Real Stories, Real Love (Hardcover)
I am not Jewish, but I have to admit, having been married to a Jewish man for a very long time, I was intrigued to read this book. It did not disappoint. Moreover, it surprised and delighted me. The bond in this family is palpable and enviable (to me). Nothing is sugar coated nor "holier than thou," nor "do as I do." It's just a wonderful book that I can't put down. I have no affiliation with these women, but I feel like I would love to know them and it would make me proud to be counted among their friends. From stories, advice, Jewish word translations, to wonderful recipes- this book has it all.
I would give it 10 stars if I could!

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I loved this book! Great for Mother's Day. March 28, 2010
By bookmaven from New York, NY (read all my reviews)

Favorable: A great guilty pleasure, Uplifting, Informative, reference guide

"I admit I was a little surprised how much I loved this book. I didn't expect much since the last few housewife books had no substance. I love Jill and her mom and wanted to hear what they had to say. I am Jewish and it reminded me of all the little things I heard growing up and all the things I should have heard! I can't wait to buy this for my mom and sisters. I don't have kids yet but when I do, I will use this as a reference guide. You can change the name to Secrets of an Italian Mom and not know they difference ( except sub Yiddish for Italian!) I am so sad about Jill and Bethenny and was happy to read about their relationship in the friendship section. Jill talks about all the girls. I understand it more now. I still hope they make up one day but understand if they don't. I loved the friendship and beauty chapters the most. Jill shares her secrets on why she looks so much better 3 years after she started on the show. She could have written one book on that alone! Mozel Tov to Jill, Gloria and Lisa ( Jill's sister") and thank you for sharing your secrets!"

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great read, great advice, great gift!
Posted March 29, 2010, 4:03 PM EST: From the very first chapter this book pulls you in and doesn't let go. In wonderful warm and witty language these three very real women give us their take on everything from friendships to money to careers to spouses. A perfect gift for mothers, sisters and friends.

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Better Than An MBA, April 20, 2010
By Rachelle Pachtman (New York, NY) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Secrets of a Jewish Mother: Real Advice, Real Stories, Real Love (Hardcover)
A refreshingly candid, heartfelt and juicy read, revealing the secret to the authors' success. A picture of family life and support that any girl would dream of. There are many valuable lessons in this book. If you were expecting "glam" you will instead come away with important life lessons sprinkled with the flavoring of delicious Jewish humor and frank assessments of what successful women everywhere face daily. No wonder Lisa and Jill are a credit to their mother!