"Smart, Savvy, Beautiful, and Fabulous" – An Interview With Jill Zarin

"Smart, Savvy, Beautiful, and Fabulous" - An Interview With Jill Zarin
Long before being a recognizable celebrity, Jill Zarin had a long record of accomplishment that reveals her to be nothing less than a Renaissance woman. Through hectic and demanding schedules, she maintains a tight-knit family. She's head of marketing at Zarin Fabrics, a successful firm she runs with her husband, Bobby Zarin. She's a strong advocate of eco-friendly living, and is a respected philanthropist who supports a number of awesome nonprofits and causes assisting women, children, and families around the globe.

And then, there's that thing called style. Zarin's got it. No matter the outfit, no matter the accessory, she makes it her own. Is it any wonder why top designers want her to wear their best threads? Her style is not formed merely from clothes alone, however. All of that merges seamlessly with her presence, personality and mega watt smile. The result is a style that no camera can resist. Writers have celebrated the genius, glory, and glamour of The Big Apple for centuries. Just as they've written about legendary New York City philanthropists like Betsy Head and Kate Wollman, they will also pen great impressions about Jill Zarin's charitable endeavors. Undoubtedly, she's helped to write this millennium's first ten year chapter of the famous city in which she resides. The Real Housewives of New York City is one of TV's biggest hits, and has a tremendous fan base. How has the show impacted your life? Who would have thought I would have been on any TV show, let alone this crazy one. I would say "access" has been the biggest impact. I was a connector before the show...can you imagine me now?

You work as Director of Marketing for Zarin Fabrics, a business you co-own with your husband, Bobby Zarin. Give us an idea of what your days are like. Since the show started, I haven't been able to spend as much physical time in the store as you can imagine the demands of my schedule. Not only am I filming, I still have my daughter Allyson and my husband Bobby to take care of first and foremost. Marketing is abstract. The flexible schedule allows me more freedom to "market" on the road. I've talked to so many fans of your television show. "Smart", "Savvy", "Beautiful", and "Fabulous" are four words they use to describe you. They also admire how important your family is to you. How do you maintain that strong family bond with a demanding career, industry events, and interviews? First, I am so flattered that people would say that. My biggest fear was being misrepresented on a "reality" show. Clearly, the producers, Shed Media, and editors have been very fair and accurately portrayed each of us good and bad. My family is the most important thing I think of the minute I wake up in the morning. I worry. I think what is Allyson doing today and how can I help her be a better person. Bobby? I just pray he wakes up! He likes to sleep late. Events come in waves and I try to go with the flow. I am not perfect and Allyson is the first one to point that out I might add.

There's been lots of online buzz about a book you're writing with your mom and sister. What issues or topics will it deal with?

I had been approached by a few publishers to write a book. A memoir. But felt I couldn't do it. I knew it wasn't right. Not yet anyways. Maybe when the series is over but not now. I would talk to Lisa, my sister, who has a radio show, The Lisa Wexler Show in CT. I wanted to help her too. She is much more interesting than I am but she didn't get a lot of airtime last year. I wanted the audience to hear her voice too. The more we talked, the more the idea evolved. My sister thought up the idea for the book, and the title, Secrets of a Jewish Mother. Dutton is the publisher. It'll be out in time for Mother's Day gifting in 2010. We just finished the last chapter on parenting. It is 20 pages! We have written 350 pages to date. I feel for the book editors. They have to weed it down to 250. Maybe we'll have a sequel because my mother Gloria is amazing. Her voice has been very strong in our heads, and our homes, and we know other people would want to hear her advice on marriage, dating, money, parenting, and so many other issues we address. I hope we've get it right! We just shot the book cover and can't wait to see the mock up!

You consistently promote nonprofits and charities on your website. That's awesome. As a respected member of both the business and entertainment communities, do you feel a special responsibility to give back? To those much is given, much is expected. It's a mantra I repeat everyday to Allyson. It's something I want her to live by. That really says it all. It we don't help, then who will? Tell me some things about yourself that people may not know, and that you wouldn't mind sharing. Well, I will admit I get moody. I think my hormones are changing - again. I love that excuse. So the words "I am sorry" comes out of my mouth a lot. Aside from that, I eat healthy chocolate every day. I have for the past year and lost 10 pounds. It's great. I sell it on JillzarinChocolate.com. I didn't do it for the money, but it's nice that the money I make covers everything. This venture has really taken off. So I'm always looking for folks who like to make money eating chocolate and losing weight. They can contact me through Jillzarin.com. Overall, life is good. I can't complain. To read more about Jill Zarin, and the 2010 release of Secrets of a Jewish Mother, the eagerly-anticipated book she wrote with her mom and sister, follow her on Twitter: http://twitter.com/jillzarin,and friend her on Facebook: www.facebook.com/jillzarin