September Update-Bobby And I Are Going To Australia!

September has been a busy month! I had a great time speaking at the University of South Florida last week where I met a lot of amazing people. I also spoke at a charity event in Michigan which was equally wonderful! I am very excited! Bobby and I will be visiting Australia next week! We are only going to be in Sydney for a few days then we are taking a fabulous cruise to the Great Barrier Reef! We can't wait! I know a lot of my Australian fans had recommended Melbourne, but we can't fit it into this trip. Hopefully next time and it gives us a great reason to return! If you have any recommendations for restaurants, shopping etc. while we are in Sydney, please let me know. I tried to set up a book signing but unfortunately the book will not be available in Australia until March. But if you are in Australia and would like to purchase it before then, you can order it through Zarin Fabrics. Looking forward to visiting the land down under! Love, Jill XOXO