Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Episode 2 Blog

After last weeks dazzling premier of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, I had huge expectations for this weeks episode. While it wasn't horrible, it was little bit slow. But I still am very excited about this show and I expect lots of drama in the future. I really like sisters Kim and Kyle Richards. They are very real and it is fun to watch them interact. They could have their own show. The scene at the grocery store was funny.There's a lot of love in their relationship but some deep issues they need to work out. I think they both realize this and hopefully the show will help them see these issues more clearly. I think identifying the issues is the first step to resolution. I know Lisa owns numerous restaurants. I would love Bravo to show her working not just doing housewife errands. Not many "housewives" could afford a thousand dollar chocolate bunny, but I always say if you can, God Bless America! Lisa reeks of class, Luann and Lisa would be good friends and I would just try keep up with them! I also loved the pink chocolate shoes. They were almost too pretty to eat. Bobby and I will have to visit that chocolatier the next time we are out there. Poor Kelsey Grammer's wife. She's seriously insecure that no one knows her name. Honestly I just forgot. Sorry! But she knew that when she married him. I cringed when she said she flew in her designer "first class" for what could have been done through Fedex. I know she can afford it but it still seems like such a big waste. I'm right aren't I? Don't feel bad. We all did the same stupid produced scenes in the beginning of "Housewives" and we still do sometimes. By the way, Camille, (I remember now) I loved your taste using sea foam. It's one of my favorite colors. And I hope you got the apartment from that SOB! The Hamptons home as well. Call me, we'll hang. I was just kidding about your name, of course I know it. I was seriously let down when we went into Taylor's house. She tells us in episode one about her fabulous rich husband and great life yet we now see, her house is just a house. Not that it's ugly, but by Beverly Hills standards it was nothing compared to Lisa's or Adrienne's house. Did anyone else notice that? And why does she have a stylist already? She doesn't work and isn't famous yet. I would be having fun shopping all day and wouldn't need a stylist to bring me clothes.  Did I miss something here? Adrienne, I said you would be my friend. I also said in our book a good marriage is when the husband loves the wife a smidgen more. Your marriage could last a lifetime as long as you don't stray because he never will. He adores you. He reminds me of my Bobby. It's a shtick right? You looked amazing in the photo shoot. Well back to work for me. My new bedding line is shipping to stores as we speak and I am in the process of developing something very special that I can't wait for you all to see. We just finished the addendum to our book due out in paperback this spring. It's about what I went through this past year and it felt really good and cathartic to talk about it. I have two wonderful cruises planned for early next year. If anyone is interested in cruising with us, we will set sail February 3 from Miami and March 19 from NYC. Go to and Facebook for details.