Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Episode 1 Blog

The debut The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills was nothing less than FABULOUS!! I love this show and these ladies already. I loved the houses, the fashions, most of the co-stars and Gigolo had me at hello! Don't get me wrong, he's not as cute as my Ginger, but he is adorable! What's wrong with the poor dogs fur? I'm sure Lisa (Vanderpump) has taken him to all of the best specialists. Nothing but the best for our babies!

If I were on this show, I think Adrienne Maloof and I would be BFF. I've met her and she is sweet as candy. She is a great role model for women. Born into the Maloof fortune, it's great that she still has an amazing work ethic and does not act entitled. How nice of her to take the girls on a PP to Sacramento to see her team, The Sacramento Kings play. She set up an incredible evening for the girls to get acquainted, first class all the way. I also thought it was great the interest she takes in her team. She was on the edge of her seat at every dribble of the basketball. I thought that was also a great moment showing that women can take prominent roles in professional sports. Love her to pieces!

I also love the Richards sisters, Kim and Kyle. They are no BS! Kyle seems extremely outgoing and confident and although she is the younger sister, she is very maternal towards Kim. Kim, seems to have developed possible social anxiety issues from her childhood successes. I felt very bad for her at the game. She seemed so uneasy, like a fish out of water. Her personal life is in turmoil as she is moving from a home she seems to love, maybe that's why none of the house's she is looking at seem right to her? I'm hoping when her move is complete and she is settled into a new home, and with being on the show, it will help her with these issues as she is a wonderful, caring mother and seems to be a kind and lovely lady.

Poor Camille (Grammer). How humiliating that she is going to have to relive the breakdown of her marriage as she watches this season unfold. It was sad to hear her say on Watch What Happens that when filming began she had no idea how things would turn out. I thought the writing could have been on the wall when her husband left for a year. Granted, spouses of entertainers have to be prepared for periods of separation, but a year? That seems to long. If it were my Bobby, I would have moved to New York with him. But perhaps Camille thought it would be too much of an upheaval to the children. Four nannies are a lot to take with you!! This is going to be the season's saddest story. Divorce is never easy. Camille, call me if you need advice. I'll introduce you to my mom Gloria. She is the best!

Isn't Lisa Vanderpump's home gorgeous? I loved her design style. Her husband seems like a nice man and I think they seem happy. I heard Cedric was the talk of the Internet after the show and you can see why. He's a very handsome man. He and Lisa seem to have a very fun friendship. She seems to be very tolerant of the house guest that won't leave!! Lisa seems like she would be a fun person to know.

What is Taylor (Armstrong) doing to herself with these injections? Too much. She is a very pretty girl and does not need all of this. She needs to stop being so insecure and consider leaving that husband of hers who does not appreciate her and is making her so self conscious. Taylor, please read my book, specifically the chapter on marriage. It sounds like you are not happy. Being on TV and becoming famous will not fill that void for you, but it will keep you busy.

Good luck to my sister wives! You are all in for a fun roller coaster ride! Don't take it too seriously. You will have fans who love you and fans who love to hate you. But remember they are your fans and treat them with respect. Without them we ALL wouldn't be here.
Love, Jill