Millionaire Matchmaker Update!

Everyone has been asking about Allyson's date on Millionaire Matchmaker so here is an UPDATE!! Thank you all so much for your kind words to Allyson on social media and in person. Everyone has been so supportive and complimentary about how she handles herself, and her confidence was inspiring for young women in the same position in life. It's hard to graduate college, find a job and have the social pressure of dating too. Allyson had a wonderful date. Patti is truly the best matchmaker. She brought the kind of guys that I would pick for Allyson. They were all wonderful choices and any one of them would have been the perfect choice. In the end she chose James, a screen writer from L A. They actually went out a few times but the geographical distance was just not practical. Allyson needs to meet someone closer to home so she can really date and get to know him. So if you have a nice Jewish boy to introduce her too let me know!