Jill Zarin On L.A. Talk Radio With Hosts John Johnson and Dr. Estella

Jill Zarin: "Making the Optimum REALity!" John Johnson and Dr. Estella Sneider have an in-depth sit down exclusive interview with reality TV star, Jill Zarin.  She is among reality TV’s most acclaimed figures, having almost singlehandedly raised the profile of New York City Housewives to one of mythical proportions on her appearances on Bravo TV’s Housewives of NYC.  But what many people don’t know about The House of Jill Zarin is that she is a powerhouse brand all onto herself.  In the world of intimate apparel and accessories where everything changes, except for Jill Zarin where she continues to be one of the most successful business women  in the industry. Listen to the interview here