Jill Zarin Exclusive Blog Episode 15

Hello everyone. Bobby and I just came back from a fabulous trip to London. We went to visit our friends Robbie and Ayda Williams and to see Robbie and his band, Take That play two incredible shows at Wembley Stadium. I can't even begin to tell you what a great time we had. The British people were amazing and they love Americans. While there we did a lot of tourist type activities, including visiting Windsor Castle, sightseeing and of course we shopped at Harrods. I also ate so much fish and chips I almost had to swim the Atlantic Ocean to get back home!
We flew Virgin America Upper Class and it was fabulous. They no longer have spa services, but they did provide us with access to their Upper Class Lounge at Heathrow. Also, when you fly in Upper Class you go through a private security line for boarding so there's no wait. Here's a travel tip for you. If you are buying duty free make sure you do it at least an hour and half before your flight is scheduled to depart. I waited too long to make my purchases and the duty free was closed to my flight. Apparently they have one person who brings everything that people have purchased to the plane and once he has left he cannot come back. Duty free is then closed to the flight.
When I got home I filmed an episode of Iron Chef America on Food Network where I am a guest judge. It was so much fun. I can't tell you much else at the moment as the episode won't air for awhile. I will tell you though that I am on my way to being an official foodie.
On tonight's episode you see me having a brain scan. I was actually surprised to find out that my memory is above average. In hindsight, I guess I do have a pretty good memory. I just lack focus sometimes and that causes me to forget things. This is something I constantly have to work on. While I was having the brain scan I kept asking Sonja questions about why she didn't want to be in Luann's video. It wasn't important if she wasn't in the video, but I could sense she wasn't being honest. Luann and Sonja have been friends for over ten years. It was important to Luann and sometimes you have to do things for other people. Even if she just went to Atlantic City to show her support for Luann it would have been better than not going. Bobby took the day off and drove two and a half hours to be there. Cindy came down later in the day and even though she wasn't in the video, she was there for Luann. It's a shame that Bravo chose not to show that.
I'll leave it up to you to decide whether Ramona's argument about parenting styles with Luann was valid considering the scenes Ramona has done over the past four years. The hotel scene with Mario, turtle time, just to name a few. I have my opinion and I'm sure you have yours. My daughter was not embarrassed to see me in an evening gown, sitting in the back of a limo or lounging by a pool in a robe. After all, it's not like I was in lingerie rubbing my husband's feet.
My jaw dropped when I heard Simon refer to Luann as Countess with the O removed. See you next Tuesday? OMG! What a horrible thing to say about your cast mate and friend of the last four years. Once again we see Alex defending the indefensible when she gave in and agreed about the boys being able to drink when they are seventeen years old. I also hope Alex was kidding when she said the word "class" was forbidden in her household. Why would "class" be forbidden but yet Countess without the O is acceptable?
It was a nice to see Ramona sharing a moment connecting with Avery doing something she enjoys. The Hip Hop dancing looked like a lot of fun and it was nice that Alex and Sonja joined in.
I thought it was great to see Alex and Simon having a party in support of the arts. What a great thing to do. I saw the hurt look in Simon's eyes when Mario made that comment about Brooklyn. Alex and Simon were trying so hard to impress their friends by hosting the art exhibit in their home. Even Ramona was embarrassed.
We had such a good time making Luann's video in Atlantic City. It was much more work than I expected but still fun. I wish Luann nothing but the best with her music career. I would like to thank Jersey Murray who was the stylist for the video. You saw him on the episode. He did such a great job. He just started his own agency blackicemanagement.com. I wish him great success. You can also follow him on Twitter @stylebyjersey.
I wanted to give a mention to Patti Dvorak who was helping me paint my apartment a few episodes ago. She is GIFTED and available to travel all over the world. Please check her out at http://pattidvorak.com.  
One more episode to go! Please send me any healthy, summer recipes you would like me to share with everyone or any other ideas you may have for this newsletter. You can write to me at Jill@JillZarin.com.