Jill Zarin Episode 6 Extended Blog

Episode 6...here we go!
Cindy invited me over to see her apartment for us get to know each other. After all, we are going to spending a lot of time together! I knew she was friends with Ramona so I was a little nervous but I knew when I first met her she was my kind of girl. We both come from Long Island, both Jewish, and we are the same age. 
I had just come back from Australia and was really shocked at the stories everyone told me when I came home. No wonder soap operas are being replaced by reality shows. You couldn't make this stuff up.
When Cindy said "Ramona's core is not good" it validated a lot of the feelings I have had over the years. We have a lot of friends in common. Cindy said "we have our ups and lows" (she meant downs) but we accept Ramona for who she is. What the heck does that mean? Why would anyone accept someone who makes so many condescending remarks and offers little respect to anyone? Cindy said "her core is not good." Is she right? I always try to find the good in people. I let a lot of things go with regards to Ramona and years have passed. Maybe it's time to take a serious look at our friendship. Ramona invited us to a wine tasting party this week. Even though Bobby had to come home from work a little early to make it, we showed up. Am a just a glutton for punishment? 
Side comment..how cute are Cindy's little girls? I am available for babysitting! 
Chris March, from Project Runway, totally outdid himself. He is so talented. Chris call me! 
I have been to the costume store shown in the episode many times for many costumes but NOT the one I wore on Halloween two years ago on the show. I paid under $100 for the entire costume from FRANCO. (available at Halloween stores) If I rented something at this costume rental place it would have been around $350. I was really sick that day but didn't want to disappoint Sonja. I was on cold medicine so I was acting very silly! We tried on so many costumes, I was exhausted. Luann looks so beautiful in everything but the Scarlett O'Hara costume was perfect.
Meeting Cindy's ex boyfriend/baby daddy for the first time was interesting. I don't know what I expected but I wouldn't have picked him out of the "lineup." I see Cindy with a wall street banker (yin and yang theory). One thing I do know? These babies were the most wanted children in the world. Even though her situation is not traditional, if it works for Cindy, I am happy.
When Sonja is getting ready for the party, we hear her talking about her divorce putting stress on her financially. This is a premonition of what will come. When Sonja said "I don't have a man around the house", I wanted to add she has many and they are all so cute! I loved the car she was in! How fun would it be to be driven around in that all day!
Cipriani is a fabulous event space in NYC that is often used for charity events. They also have an exclusive wine cellar that I had heard about and was very excited. Sonja talks about her fabulous parties and when she said it was a masquerade ball I imagined a long table with waiters behind each chair lifting a silver plate cover at the same time. I actually went to one of those at MOMA last year and had created a fantasy in my head. Bobby and I brought three friends. Two were potential dates for Kelly. Ryan is the gorgeous one in the mask when I walk in. (I know, hard to tell with mask on!) A little inside info? Ryan is staring on Bravo's NYC version of Million Dollar Listing!
Ramona was a little "tweaked" when she arrived. Everyone really went all out with their costumes. I have to admit I was a little disappointed. I expected this elaborate dinner and all we were offered were hors d'oeuvre and drinks. Where was dinner? I told Bobby not to eat lunch because we were going to a big fancy party. Maybe it should have been called a masquerade cocktail party instead of a ball. 
When Sonja bent down and I saw her tushie...I died! I immediately put my hand over it. My first reaction was she honestly left it at home. I asked Kelly and Cindy and they both thought she did it on purpose. I said no way! She would never want to show it on TV. never! Then when I saw this episode, did she say she left it home on purpose?
Alex and I were in a good place that night. Though we aren't meant to be the best of friends, I am still hopeful we can all get along.
Going with Cindy to the dentist was one of my favorite scenes ever! In our book Secrets Of A Jewish Mother we have an entire chapter dedicated to Beauty and Health. We give advice on how to find everything like the best Doctor to the dreaded word "exercise"!
Was the scene with Jennifer and Ramona staged? Ramona looked so shocked by the words the bride was saying as if they hadn't discussed it a thousand times. They both make me sick. I thought the bride and I were friends. After all, she asked me to recommend her to be a Housewife and get an audition which I did. I never thought in a million years the two of them would set me up. Ramona did it last year with Bethenny at her house and now with Alex at the wedding. Different circumstances but the same goal. To catch me off guard, press my buttons and get a reaction. Then when she gets a reaction, she blames and criticizes me for reacting. She openly admitted to enjoying doing this to me the morning of the wedding in episode one. Why didn't Jennifer tell me in advance that she invited Alex? She knew how I felt about her at the time and it should have been my decision if I wanted to go. Jennifer has told mutual friends that she felt used by Ramona. People left early and couldn't believe they weren't told there would be a film crew there. It didn't say anything on the invitation. People had to hide away from the eight cameras all over the yard. The music had to be turned off or worse, play Bravo house music due to clearance issues. It was embarrassing. I kept apologizing to people as if I brought the cameras. I didn't. Ramona did. Remember at Ramona's house she said "why tell Jill? That would ruin the fun?" So why is she so surprised if I was mad at Jennifer?
I had just came back from Australia and the party was my first time seeing Ramona since the wedding. My friend Vince drove me and I came to support Ramona as I always have in the past. I was having a nice conversation with some of the guests when Ramona had to pull me away and attack me. The bride was across the room. Again, Ramona is mad at me over something someone else said I said. I said, "bring her over"! I had NOTHING to hide. Whatever I said I meant. Details not important. He said, she said, all I know is Ramona invited me to her party to make a scene so her party wouldn't get cut from editing. That's how it works. If you have a lot of housewives and fight at your party, it is a virtual guarantee to make final editing. I showed up to Ramona's party to help her and once again, she uses me. But this time, I was calm. She was wired and acting insane. Everyone had been talking about her attacking Howie at Cindy's Birthday party and a lot of other things regarding Ramona.
Ramona refused to bring Jennifer over to talk to me to my face but she didn't expect me to see her on the way out. I spoke to Jennifer and it is what it is. We both remember it differently and will never agree as to what happened. But Ramona? She says I should talk to her face, I say "fine lets have lunch" and she says " I'll think about it"? She didn't expect me to be so calm. She thought if she pushed my buttons again I would react. I have changed. I listened to her "complaints" and offered to meet her alone for lunch to talk about it. I asked her a few times for lunch and and you will see what happens.
By the time she "balled me out" and embarrassed herself in front of all her guests, I was really hurt. I realized once again that no matter how hard I try to "show up" and be supportive for certain people, it will never be enough. If I was really bad mouthing her behind her back for years do you think it would have taken her this long to confront me? Are you kidding. Ramona has no self control and even if she wanted to hold it in, she couldn't. Ramona is a drama queen. He said, she said. Enough said. 
I think I will take my toys and go home.
Jill XO