Happy Thanksgiving!

We just came home from a great family Thanksgiving. We spent the day with my ex husband and his family. His wife, 3 children ( plus Ally) his parents, in laws and brother and his family. It reminded me of Allyson's first thanksgiving. It was just as fun..just with a different husband and children that aren't mine! I guess we are america's version of MODERN FAMILY too. We spend over an hour looking at old home videos of when Ally was 7 years old. Listening to her voice was enough to bring me to tears. Bobby was so amazing. He didn't make me feel guilty at ALL about not being with his children, grandchildren, sister and nieces etc. He understood how important family is to me and when Allyson said she would love to have her parents together for the holiday, he wouldn't, couldn't refuse her. We made chocolate chip cookies,added a beautiful silver bowl to put them in, wrapped gifts as if it was Hanukkah, and brought a bag of Skweez as presents for the ladies. I always come with my hands full. This morning I brought my ex and his son with Allyson to the Macy's parade. We had amazing seats again and I uploaded lots of photos live on Twitter. I will post them again in my next newsletter. Please share with me your holiday stories! Lastly, I just added Amazon as an affiliate to my site on the right side of the page. If you planned on buying anything on amazon this holiday season, please click thru to them from my site? All the proceeds as an affiliate go to various children's and health charities as well as toy drives that are coming up. Anything and everything helps.

Have a SAFE and Savings weekend. Share your stories here and your shopping tips!!