Advice From Jill/The Workplace

Hello everyone. As many of you know one of the things I love to do is offer advice to people. Lately it seems I have been getting a lot of questions regarding the workplace.  I put a few bits of advice together that I hope will help. Going To A Job Interview Never be late. In fact be a little early in case there is paperwork for you to do. Also, never be too early. More than 15 minutes early is sometimes considered awkward. Always dress in business attire. No matter what type of company it is, it's always better to be overdressed for an interview than casual. It is important to make a good impression and look like you are serious about working for the company. Look the interviewer in the eyes when speaking. This shows a sense of honesty and confidence. Have an amazing resume. After you leave, the interviewer is left with your resume. This is his or her reference to you when making their decision later in the day. If your interview went great, your resume must match it. A lazy resume could cost you the job. Be creative and informative. Don't be afraid to give it a personal touch. Another question I receive a lot, is how to deal with stress in the workplace. Here are a few tips. Most importantly, always remember to breathe. It maybe cliche but it works. When you find yourself overwhelmed and stressed, take some deep breaths. It helps to lower your stress level. Create a schedule. If you have several projects going at once, create a time line for when your projects are due. Also, if at all possible, delegate projects to others. You do not have to do everything yourself. Learn to say No. There is nothing wrong with saying no if you have too much on your plate already. Decline that extra project when your boss asks if you can take it on. You'll save yourself from unnecessary stress and your performance on the work you do have will be better. Take lunch. Many think it increases their productivity or shows commitment if they work through lunch. Well, it doesn't. You need to eat something, taking a break and fellowship with your coworkers. This allows you to refocus and get more work done. If you are tired and hungry, you won't be able to think and are less productive. Get out of the office. If stress is getting to, leave the office for a while. Go for a walk, go to the gym or take a nap. Do whatever you need to do to rest your mind and gain some perspective. Once you come back to work to tackle the project, you will be more refreshed and will do a much better job. I hope these ideas are helpful to you. Let me know if you have any other suggestions we should add. Love, Jill XOXO