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Check it out... www.famegame.com Movers and Shakers: 07/17/2009 - 07/24/2009 Updated every week, Movers and Shakers ranks the top 3,000 "movers" and "shakers" playing the Fame Game in New York. Our proprietary algorithm (ANDY) analyzes media and press mentions, event photography, user-generated content, and a few other sources to determine Fame in New York. Movers and Shakers highlights weekly changes in percentage rank, while our overall rankings look at the top performers in each category. MEDIA + DIGITAL Frank McCourt +4.9% Jessica Joffe +2.9% Jason Binn +2.8% Jill Zarin +2.3% Michelle Edgar +2.2% ARTS Sam Bolton +1.1% Jane Holzer +0.7% Lydia Fenet +0.2% Sam Shaffer +0.2% Geoffrey Bradfield +0.2% SOCIETY + PHILANTHROPY Jessica Joffe +2.9% Manel Garcia +2.7% Michelle Edgar +2.2% Stephanie Wei +1.8% Michele Gerber Klein +1.8% FASHION Donna Karan +2% Philip Bloch +1.9% Francesco Civetta +1.1% Kelly Behun Sugarman +0.9% Patrick McDonald +0.9% ENTERTAINMENT Jennifer Lopez +4.5% Kyle MacLachlan +2.7% Desiree Gruber +1.8% Andre Harrell +1.7% Tom Brokaw +1.5% BUSINESS Andre Harrell +1.7% Madeleine Albright +1% Euan Rellie +1% David Neville +1% John Demsey +1%