Weekend in Maryland

I hope everyone is outside this weekend. We are in Maryland for a family friend's daughter's Bat Mitzvah. We loved the service and was very impressed with how the rabbi conducted it. He did something unusual. After the sermon, he opened up the floor so to speak for Q and A about the portion of the Torah read during the Haftorah ( the piece of the Torah sung by the Bat Mitzvah girls in hebrew). Today was about beng Kosher. I learned something new. That even clothing can be considered Kosher and that a combination of wool and linen is not "Kosher" and is not approved to be worn by observant Jews. Afterwards..I went to get my hair and makeup done at a local salon Perez. They were so nice to me and other guests from out of town. I just came home. We danced all night and caught up with old friends. ( Shout out to Drew from Filene's!) Tomorrow brunch at the house then road trip back to NYC. I heard there is a billboard on the Atlantic City Expressway with my mug on it in preparation for an appearance we have June 6th at the Hilton Hotel. If anyone sees it..please take a picture and tell me