Season 5 Episode 1 I want to HEAR FROM YOU!!!

Tonight was quite surreal for us. Bobby and I were in the hamptons and this morning made the decision to drive back to the city and stop by 3...yes 3! housewife parties in NYC tonight. First stop was Luann...she looked beautiful as usual. I got to meet Carole for the first time, Heather for the second and some old friends. Even Brad..yes Brad Boles was there..with Jersey ( Luann's fab stylist from the music video). I felt like I graduated high school and am in college now ..going back to the high school to visit my old friends and some transfer students. Does that make any sense. I stayed for a "Diet Coke" and then left for party #2. I was invited to Adrianne Malouf's launch party of her new skin care line with Dr. Paul. Can I say Paul looks much cuter in person? he is cute on TV but even yummier in person. ( no pun intended Heather!). Our last stop was at a bowling..yes bowling Alley next to the Port Authority. Not the best neighborhood in the city that is for sure but you would never know it once inside the door. There were about 150? friends and family. The overwhelming love Bobby and I received tonight was surprising and overwhelming. People were hugging and kissing us all night and wishing us well. We felt love from all of you like none other. How lucky are we. Everyone asked how Allyson is. Ally is working at AOL this summer and goes to Vanderbilt University now. She is in a really good place and is very grounded. Television is not her thing and she doesn't "social media" like most kids do today. I am so proud of her but still go with the motto " you can't take all the credit and you can't take all the blame" . Back to the party....Aviva could not be more gracious and hope she knew we came to support her and let her know that. I have to would have been fun to film with her and get to know her. Bravo does have good taste in housewives! ( most of them at least..I leave it to you to decide who you think I'm not that fond of". The good thing about not being on this season? Everything I told you all in the past is all happening and coming true. I am not the instigator some fans accused me of and I did try to tell you about some of the girls but no one believed me!
It will be interesting to see what all of you think of the show ( IF you watched it) and whether you will watch it after tonight. After reading the tweets tonight...alot of you didn't like what you saw and won't be tuning in. I am curious..what did you think of tonight and will you be tuning in this season? I don't think I can watch girls be mean to each other anymore. Its too dark. I like the family reality shows these days...! Tell me what you think! Share your thoughts here...its safe and unedited!