Oscar Night

Ally and I flanked our sofa to watch one of the most glamorous Oscars in recent memory. Lots of young stars. They were so nervous I felt bad for them. Everyone will have an opinion on every dress but I was bedazzled by ZOE's purple number. Loved the top half,,not sure about the bottom. She was smart..no matter what, she will be in every weekly next week. Who cares if they vote love or hate and long as they vote! Loves all the champagne colored dresses. I admit, I am friends with Jesse James and partial to Sandra but I was so happy she won. I have already said it was my favorite feel good movie this year. I watched Precious today at home. Ally finally thanked me for being a good mom. ( haha). What a sad sad story. I almost think Monique played her role too real? I can tell, she has a mean side. Even her speech was passive aggressive don't you think? Barbara Walters was right. She still deserved the award. As did Meryl Streep. I didn't love the movie though. A little bored but Meryl was an amazing actress as an artist. Back to the dresses. I loved the BIG gowns. DId Oprah and the star of Precious coordinate on purpose? I loved them both in navy. I have 2 black ties this week and am thinking navy now. Sorry for random thoughts. Going to bed now. NITE NITE.