Lynne Spears Ask Jill Zarin For College Advice

For little Jamie Lynn Spears! Lynne Spears and Jill Zarin of the Real Housewives of New York have become fast friends and during their most recent visit they discussed the possibility of Jamie Lynn going away to school. An insider reveals:
"Jamie Lynn is looking at colleges. Jamie Lynn wants to go to college and Lynn needed some guidance. Jill and Lynn are friends and they end up talking a lot about what their daughters are up to. "Lynn knows that Jill helped Ally and she has very little experience in this area. Jill knows all about the applications and follow-up and Lynn needed an idea of what to expect with Jamie Lynn doing it."
That's really great and all, but who is going to be taking care of Jamie Lynn's CHILD Maddie while she heads off to university?! The insider continues:
"Jamie Lynn is ready to continue her education. It was difficult being a young mom, but she's doing it and she's ready for a new challenge. College would be great for her - she's very smart. Lynn is so supportive of all of her kids, and she would love to see Jamie Lynn earn a college degree."
Seems like going away to school wouldn't really be the best thing for her daughter… maybe she should stick closer to home and continue her education? Source: Lynn Spears Asks Jill Zarin For College Advice | News and Gossip |