Long time no hear?

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Bobby and I stayed in "THE BED" all day yesterday thru this AM. I had a great day. Ally and I did something very special today. We filmed a home video of us going GREEN and Organic with home cleaning products and cosmetics. My friend Sean owns Grannies Green Apple Cleaning Products and you can even drink them! ( BUT DON'T oooooh!) I will be putting together a basket of my "favorite" products from his line and sell it on my website. It seems lots of people want to green too. Especially all the Mommy's out there. When I was 3 years old my mother told me I drank Drano from under the sink and was rushed to the emergency room. I could have died. I don't want that to happen to our grandson who is turning one so we needed to change over the house.He is trying to sell his products to schools and office building so if you have any connections..please email me..anywhere in the country! Tomorrow Ally is hosting Teensturninggreen.org at Whole Foods. Senator Craig Johnson from Great Neck will be leaving Albany early in order to attend and we are thrilled to have him. Countess Luann is coming too and a few other surprise guests will be attending. Allyson has worked non stop for weeks on this and we are excited to see her tomorrow night in the Prom Fashion Show. Then she needs to study 24/7 for her SAT's in May. i never saw anyone work as hard as Allyson. This weekend she was so cute with her girlfriend doing arts and crafts in her room all night preparing for tomorrow. I am jealous of the commitment she has as such a young age. It is leaders like Allyson Shapiro that will lead the world and SAVE OUR PLANET.