Jill Zarin goes to Hollywood!

Hah! Do you love the title of my post? Bobby and I went to LA last weekend for a very personal reason. A friend of ours husband, has Myeloma, a rare blood cancer. We went to the 3rd Annual Comedy night with some pretty amazing talent. Peter Boyle, of Everybody Loves Raymond, died of this disease and his fellow actors were there in full force to help raise money. Doris Roberts, Blythe Danner, Jason Alexander, Jimmy Kimmel, Meatloaf, Ray Romano, Brad Garrett and a very dirty Bob Sagat. I have seen Bob on stage before....he is NOTHING like he was in Full House. He is so funny but very dirty! Ray Romano was the host and did a great job.

We arrived on Thursday and I did an interview with C magazine. It is the Town and Country of LA. I talked to them about Kodakgallery.com and how they have improved the site, making it faster and less clicks to use. I was promoting the Kodakgallery.com Million THANKS giveaway. If you sign up before November 20th they will deposit $15.00 in your account FREE just for trying it out. Anyway...Thursday night we went to dinner with the Gastineau girls and Heather McDonald from Chelsea Lately and a few friends to Phillippe LA. It was great. The Paparazzi were waiting outside and Heather did  askit on the sidewalk imitating the OC Housewives. So funny.

Friday..early wakeup call! I was on the Good Day LA set at  730AM with full hair and makeup. I love the entire crew there. Always so warm and loving. I met some of the cast of GLEE. Ally's favorite new show in TV. I took some photos and got their autograph. Next stop, back to the hotel to pick up Bobby. We had some meetings in the afternoon and came back tired. I rallied to go out with Brittny and Lisa. When we got to Beso, Courtney Semel, Allison Melnick, Kourtney Kardashian, Joe Francis and a few others friends were there. I was tired but dragged myself to the Crown Room. Lindsay Lohan was there waiting for Brittny. I won't get into details about Lindsay. It was nice she came for her friend. Nicole Murphy was there too ( ex wife of Eddie and future wife of Micheal Strahan). I was so tired we left around midnight.

Saturday was another long day. We did Millions of Milkshakes gig. There is a great store in LA that sells milkshakes. they own hollywoodtv.com and put out the video all over the world. I made a custom milkshake. Chocolate with Oreo, Twix and Nesles crunch. I swirled chocolate syrup all over the cup first. It was like a frozen mudslide. Awesome.

Next stop..the IVY for lunch on Robertson. No celeb sightings but the food was better than last time. A little shopping and back to the hotel to rest and catch up on emails.

Evening activity was the charity event. We had dinner at the Peninsula Hotel with friends and then went to PLAYGROUND. Janet Jackson was sitting in the corner with security blocking the path to her. Believe me, no one wanted to talk to her. The music was great and we had fun dancing. I think some of the TWILIGHT cast was there but I never saw the movie and never will. I am not into vampire movies at all.

Are you tired yet? Sunday we went to visit friends by the beach and then dinner at Madeos. We flew home Monday and was happy to get home to Ally and Ginger.

Jill Zarin went home.

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