Jill's Interview With MSN's Wonderwall

Jill Zarin: Kelly Bensimon's Playboy Shoot Is "Phenomenal"
By Dana Flax, reporting by Mary S. Park

What would a trip to New York Fashion Week be without schmoozing with one of the "Real Housewives"? Wonderwall caught up with Jill Zarin, who, as per usual, wasn't short on the candor, at the Lia Sophia Lounge. Check out how she really feels about Kelly, Ramona and the "Jersey Shore" kids below.

Wonderwall: What do you think of ["Real Housewives" co-star] Kelly Bensimon’s Playboy shoot?

Jill Zarin: Isn’t that phenomenal? Forty-years-old. God bless. Really, she looks phenomenal.

WW: Have you seen the entire issue?

JZ: I have -- are you kidding? I want her to autograph my copy. I think she looks amazing. I think if I could come back with that body, I would, too!

WW: You have a good body.

JZ: I don’t know. She looks amazing, she does! She works really hard at it. I mean part of it’s natural, but she works out every day. I don’t. I work out once a year.

WW: Your "Housewives" co-star Ramona said she would never do something like that if she had a child at an impressionable age because it doesn't send a great message.

JZ: Put an offer in writing from Playboy to Ramona and then come back and tell me if she said no.

WW: Really?

JZ: I don’t think Ramona would say no. It’s easy to judge and say, 'I would never do it,' because no one’s going to ask anyone else on the show except Kelly. And that’s the truth.

WW: What do you think of "Jersey Shore" style?

JZ: I don’t really think about it, I don’t really think about it at all. I only worry about Jill Zarin style and what’s going to look good on me and what’s going to look good on my daughter, and making sure that we look good for the events we go to. I don’t think about anybody else; is that bad?

WW: Would you ever consider trying "Jersey" style?

JZ: I don’t know what that is.

WW: Big hair, fake breasts.

JZ: Well I don’t need fake bubbies because I just reduced mine.

WW: Right, from a Z-cup!

JZ: Maybe a little implant to lift them up one day. I wouldn’t rule anything out, but I think I’ll just stick to my own and not worry about anybody else. I’m going to stay in my lane.