I'm online to watch NJ….want to blog?



Joe is so cute..don't you want to squeeze him?  Danielle acting innocent now? Like she did nothing wrong. Did she just said gangbanged


Book of contradictions! HAH! So what...she told about book. They hate her. Danielle accept they hate you. What are you proving. Jaqueline was on wrong side of this. I will never mess with Theresa!

Nothing new..just same stuff moved around. I knew the pay attention pissed her off. Condesending! Did say she was Fing a guy in her house? Uh oh....that was a golden nugget. Crazy..cat calling the kettle black...How many times do I have to watch this? Joe likes his girl mad!



So far so good. Since J asked her not to start drama..why did she want to start trouble? I don't like 4 against one and boy does she have "chuzpah" to even show up there! Im bored. WHo cares WHO reveled the book. If you are upset about it..why birng it up on TV???? Who cares..she thinks best defense is good offense. they are using too much of Tuesdays dialogue.