Happy in the Hamptons!

Since my last blog, I have been relaxing in the hamptons with my family. For my niece Jessica's 13th Birthday, I invited her with 13 girlfriends to have a slumber party! They came for 24 hours and it wasn't long enough. We went swimming, had a beach bonfire, bagels for breakfast and last few hours on the beach. I posted a few photos on twitter. Spending time with them just reinforced my belief that life is ALL about relationships and the more you put into them the more you will get out.

We watched the lost scenes episode and for the most part, it made me laugh. I loved the line I said to Bobby at Chopard. "If I start feeling jewelry, you might be feeling something later!". How funny was that! Bobby did buy me the watch ( not the necklace) and I wear it everyday. The scene with Ally and the tutor from Princeton Review was so funny. I have to confess. We wanted this scene to make the final edit because that was our reality at the time..study..study and more studying. That is why Ally was missing most of the season. and watching Ally studying is not what you would call interesting TV..so I came up with something silly to distract her and be funny for TV. I usually left Allyson alone in the dining room with her tutor so I wouldn't distract her. We also filmed with her college prep counselor at IVY WISE in NYC. I highly recommend them, but you must start early for it to be useful. Sadly it was cut.
Ramona's Birthday lunch was quite emotional. Ramona shared with all of us the pain she had been carrying for a long time. Though it looked like we had a little "fight" we actually had a wonderful heart to heart that you didn't see. That was one of the reasons I felt going to the Island was the right thing to do. I am not going to rehash all of it again..but just know my heart was in the right place.
I just came home from a friend's wedding and was with Luann and Ramona. We had a great time together. Nothing is better than sharing our friends most important occasions together. Tomorrow night we will be together again for another friend's daughter's college graduation. Saturday I will be filming for LXNewYork a few hamptons events. This will be my first time doing a remote so I am a little nervous. I will post photos from the parties next week.
Ally comes home next week..I miss her so much!
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