Decorating Your Home for the Summer

Decorating your house is not just reserved for holidays, especially in my home. Summer is here, and I’m turning my home into an oasis! I’m decorating my home to make me feel like I’m on vacation. I’m creating a relaxing and serene space that is also fun. These adjustments make a big difference and will help you make the most of summer! 


1. Outdoor Rugs

First and foremost, I’m switching out my outdoor rugs for my favorite bright, vibrant ones from my very own Outdoor Rug Collection! These rugs are beautiful for both inside and outside, they're stain-proof, and come in a variety of summery colors and designs. If you don’t already have an outdoor rug, summer is the perfect time to make that purchase! Two of my favorite rugs for my outdoor space are Costa Rica in Rust and Cape Town in Yellow. I’ve used Costa Rica as a cute patio cover for underneath my grill, and Cape Town to complete my relaxation lounge space. I’m obsessed with them!

2. Plants

Plants are always an amazing addition to brighten and add a natural touch to any space. I love these beautiful arrangements by T & C Floral Company! For the summertime I’ve scattered their succulent arrangements and pink peony bouquets around my house. I believe having plants in an indoor area radiate serenity and make my home feel even more like summer. For 15% off at checkout use code JILLZ!

I've also been very into gardening recently. Being outside is a stress-reliever, and it’s said that taking care of plants is good for the soul. I agree 100%! Recently I’ve been working hard on my vegetable garden at my Boca home. If you’ve been gardening too recently, message me pics on Instagram! I’d love to see your photos and share inspiration.

3. Candles

Candles are essential in setting a specific vibe in your home. I recently added these amazing Thompson Ferrier Candles to my website! The scents travel so well throughout the home, and the designs are unmatched. They add a touch of beauty to any space!

4. Outdoor String Lights

String lights are so cute for nighttime barbecues, bonfires, parties and everything in between. They're a perfect finishing touch for any outdoor space to brighten up the area and make it aesthetically pleasing. Whether you’re entertaining guests or having a quiet summer night with family. I love these large bulb lights because the design gives my outdoor space that rustic, beach house look that I love!

5. Beachy Hooks

These vintage style seashell hooks may be one of my favorite things on the list. Little details like this when decorating for summer make the biggest difference to me! It’s perfect for hanging keys, light jackets, and of course, wet bathing suits. This decoration looks like something straight out of an old-time beach house!

6. Wine Cooling Glasses

How cool are these?! (Haha, get it?) Not much else to say besides these glasses are so cute and keep any beverage chilled on a hot day. I love wine, but we all know Diet Coke is my #1, and these glasses keep my Coke cold all day while I’m lounging by the pool!

7. Seashell Toilet Paper Holder

Again, details are everything! For me, the bathroom is equally important to decorate as my other spaces. I love when everything is cohesive, and this seashell toilet paper holder fits the aesthetic I am going for perfectly!

8. Palm Tree Pillow Covers

Something I always do when I’m switching up my decor is change my decorative pillow covers! These banana leaf print pillows add a great pop of greenery to any space. 

To make it easy for you all, these products can be found on my Amazon page as well as even more of my summer decor essentials! I hope you all found this post helpful in preparing your home for another memorable summer. Don’t forget to follow my socials to stay updated on when my next blog post goes up! Thanks for tuning in!

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