Decorating Ideas: Creating a Pet-Friendly Home

From flooring to furniture, here are some great ideas for creating a chic to stylish yet pet-friendly environment.

Having pets has definitely changed how people approach home decor. As a pet owner, it’s important to design your home to better serve your pets’ needs as well as your own. By remembering your furry friend when decorating, you can design a home that is comfortable for both of you and still be able to enjoy a stylish space. These pet-friendly decorating tips will help get you started.

Hard surface floors

Tile and wood floors are simple to mop or vacuum and add style and durability to a room, but keep in mind that large dogs can scratch wood floors. A perfect solution for that is to put down an area rug, with colors and patterns that may camouflage your pets fur [from shedding] and be sure to use a non-skid pad underneath. The most durable floors are ceramic, marble and porcelain tile because they are easy to clean, durable and resistant to any stain or scratch an animal can dole out.

Opt for rugs rather than wall-to-wall carpet

Carpet traps bad odors and hair, making it hard to keep clean. Rugs, on the other hand, are easier to clean and much less expensive to replace. The best kind of pet-friendly rugs is extremely durable and stain-resistant. Jill Zarin’s rugs are truly practical because they’re made from hydrophobic fibers which are incredibly stain blocking and won't retain odors-great for when pets have accidents. When it comes to rugs, keep the pile low; this will not only help lessen your pet's urge to scratch, it will also help to keep hair and dander away. Stay away from sisal, jute or other natural-fiber rugs that make it easy for claws to 'catch' and undo.

Use satin or semigloss wall paint

Even if your pet goes to the groomer regularly, he or she will still leave smudges on walls and door jambs. Some dogs can launch drool across a room and onto a wall with a shake of their head and birds can fling all sorts of stuff out of their cage and onto the wall. Flat-finish paint is difficult to clean and often paint is removed along with those stubborn stains. Go with satin or semigloss, which is the easiest to wipe down and helps repel fur.

Photo credits to Alexander James Interior Design

Embrace stain-resistant or treated fabrics

From throws, drapes and curtains to accent pillows, stay away from silk, chenille or velvet, the latter known as a pet-hair magnet. Woven fabric such a microfiber, as well as leather are easy to maintain and wear well. Stains wipe away easily, and pet hair won't get trapped. A lesser known is Consider Crypton, which is one of the most popular stain-resistant fabrics. Crypton can also resist moisture, odor, and germs that go along with owning pets.

Choose window treatments wisely
Avoid low hanging and thick fabrics that cat’s can claw and swing on; or pets can spray/urinate on. Choose durable shutters and blinds, like plantation shutters or vertical blinds on windows or patio doors that reach low to the ground. Remember to exercise caution with long cords are hazardous to pets and children.  Vertical blinds allow dogs and cats to easily peer out the window, without bending, tangling or snapping the slats. Cordless blinds eliminate those inviting strings for pets to bat around, increasing the safety for your pets.

Zippers make it easy

Consider furniture with cushions which are closed with zippers. This will allow you to clean and remove any spills or stains on the spot. Depending on the fabric, certain covers can be dry cleaned, while many sofa slipcovers can be tossed in your washing machine at home.

Say no to tassels and pom poms on pillows or ottomans

Choose throw pillows or ottomans without tassels or pom poms that may tempt your pet to chew or bite them off. Pillows with removable covers are often easiest to care for, since you can throw them in the wash as needed.Throw pillows come in every fabric and style imaginable, but choose wisely and opt for ones that are durable, easy to wash and casual, making them an ideal choice for homes with pets.

When laying out and decorating your home, these key elements can make your home more pet-safe, durable and easy to keep looking and feeling fresh. Not only will you and your family benefit, but your pets will feel more at home too.

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